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Welcome to the exclusive Internet home of D. J. Herda, award-winning author, editor, ghostwriter, and book doctor. We hope you'll take advantage of your time here to look around, check out Mr. Herda's latest and future book offerings (Works), ask him a question or just say "hello" (Contact), check out the always provocative "Writing Right" blog (Blog), subscribe to the periodic "Writing Right" newsletter (Newsletter), or ask him for a little help when you simply need a proven pro on your side (Struggling Writers).

Herda has been writing since he was fourteen when he crafted his very first novel which, by his own admission, "... was just God-awful." He has worked at perfecting his craft ever since. Today, he has more than ninety books and several thousand short stories, articles, columns, and scripts to his credit.

A superb craftsman with more than half a century of tempered-steel experience behind him, Herda knows publishing from both sides of the desk. He also knows the uphill battle that struggling young (and not so young!) writers face today, and he continues to honor a lifelong commitment he made to help talented, deserving authors get the opportunity to succeed in an increasingly hostile and competitive marketplace. (Check out Struggling Writers in the menu above.)

The founder of Creative Writing Workshop and a former photography, journalism, and downhill skiing instructor, Herda is the retired Dean of English at Chicago's Fox Community College. A native of the Windy City and a graduate of Columbia College, he has spent much of his adult life in the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah.