Writing Right: The Newsletter

Writing Right: The Newsletter 03/06/17

March 6, 2017

A short, eclectic list of tips to help you land a contract with a serious conventional publisher. Check it out ... from the desk of D. J. Herda, President, American Society of Authors and Writers.

Elektra Press Names Literary Scout - Feb. 23, 2017. Multi-book widely published author/editor/ghostwriter D. J. Herda has today been named a scout for Elektra Press, according to E. P.'s CEO Donald Bacue.

Beware That "Unnamed Source"! - I've seen a lot of accusations thrown around lately about "unnamed sources." A growing number of legitimate news outlets manufacture stories, including innuendos and accusations, attributed solely to an unnamed source. Beware!

Shutting Down "Fake News" - Fake News." Ever hear of it? It's been in the headlines a lot lately, thanks to President Trump, who has been calling out the deteriorating pretenders to the Fourth Estate for a couple of years now. I've been doing it for a couple of decades.

"Some Day" or "Someday"? Which Is Right? - In terms of grammar, the two-word phrase, "some day," consists of an adjective ("some") and a noun ("day") and refers to a single SPECIFIC day in the future that is either unknown or forgotten but nevertheless specifically exists.

Write the Image, Not the Word! - Here is one more of the most harmful "tips for better writing" I've come across in more than half a century of scratching pen on parchment: Write about what you know. Oops, not necessarily. You can know plenty about your subject and still come across as a rank writing amateur.

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