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It's Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem in the Second City when a shady landlady with a half-dozen skips on her hands, a suburban contractor in the Mob's cross-hairs, a nearly frozen fisherman with a sloe-eyed, murderous blonde to heat things up—they're all here. From the wealthy Near North Side and the chimera of Rush Street to the city's plebeian suburbs, this is a cross-section of Chi-Town's most secretive, seductive, and seditious characters.

This wild-and-wooly, sexually charged, hit-and-hit-harder book exposes the soft underbelly of Chicago's most riveting criminal elements. All the cops, dicks, cons, dames, skirts, and criminals whose paths a living body could ever hope to cross—or not!—make appearances in this whimsical, haunting, riveting, and erotically charged neo-noir.

From Crime and Punishment to Humor, Spirituality, and Redemption, these tales enlighten, educate, amuse, and mystify with life as it used to be in the Second City.

Uncover the real Chicago at the hands of a native Chicagoan whose latest book brims with mystery around every aging brownstone—and mayhem atop each spiraling staircase. Uncover the inner workings of what former mayor Richard J. Daly called "The city that works."

Uncover the Second City's unique brand of crime and punishment in D. J. Herda's CHI-TOWN BLUES.

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