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"The Best Healthy-Living Book I've Ever Read--
Hands Down!"

Feeling great? Feeling lousy? Whatever you’re feeling, CRAZY-GOOD LIVING! - Healthy Gums, Healthy Gut, Healthy Life can improve your health from the inside out. It’s the only book written by a DDS/Medicine Practitioner who has proven the cellular connection between primal eating and health.

An ancient diet saved Dr. Alvin Danenberg's life after he switched from “healthy eating” to eating more like our ancestors. And his supercharged Ancient Nutrition Plan has worked wonders for some of his most severely disease-stricken patients.

Lots of books give a few good reasons for returning to a simpler way of eating. More still offer some dietary tips and recipes. NONE has offered all that plus first-hand scientific studies–documented proof for how and why primal nutrition works–and could one day save your life.

Be among the first. Reserve a pre-publication copy today (below) and receive notification of availability and pricing when the book is available. Coming soon in eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover editions.

MINI-REVIEW: "In CRAZY-GOOD LIVING! Dr. Danenberg shows us that good oral health depends not just on brushing and flossing, but on the same things that determine our overall health—in particular, a nutrient-dense diet and healthy gut bacteria. This book is a must-read for anyone that wants to improve their dental or periodontal health." - Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac, Author, NY Times best seller, The Paleo Cure

MINI-REVIEW: "Dr. Danenberg blows the lid off the common belief that declining health after middle-age is 'normal.' With the latest bleeding edge science supporting him, Dr Al deftly lays out a plan that anyone of any age can follow with confidence to restore his own whole body health. This book is a gift; decades of experience and wisdom packed into a concise and affordable easy-to-read action plan. If you’ve ever felt trapped or lost with your own health conditions, Dr. Danenberg may have your answers: I can’t recommend him and his book highly enough." - Keith Rhys, Chief Strategic Officer, Rhys Media Partners

MINI-REVIEW: "The best healthy-living book I've ever read--hands down! If you don't dramatically improve your health after reading this book, you cheated. The best in its field." - D. J. Herda, Author, Editor, Syndicated Columnist

MINI-REVIEW: "When it comes to knowing his stuff (and being able to explain it to lay people), Dr. Danenberg is at the top of the heap. I've learned so much from his book, I'll always be grateful. It has changed my life!" - Don Bacue, Executive Editor, Elektra Press

MINI-REVIEW: "If you were to set all the health books ever written end-to-end, they would still come up short of CRAZY-GOOD LIVING! This is a book filled with facts, common sense, new scientific principles, and easy-to-prepare recipes that will literally change your life! Five stars all the way." - Jon Peterson, Health and Garden Writer